Oh my goodness!

"Cocktails taken to the next level! I thought I knew what cocktails were, until I had cocktails from Monsieur Cocktail.”

— Shari A.


“Love all the information and passion behind the experience."

— Fiona P.


" It is so much fun talking about cocktails and their origins. Nicole and Max are fabulous at what they do. My friends are still talking about the gimlets I made them a month ago"

— Kerry G.

I'm Nicole Beal

Co-founder of Monsieur Cocktail, who created the VIP Cocktail Club. With the help of Max (my husband), who has over 18 years of experience mastering the art of entertaining.
I have put together this Subscription box to help you impress your guests for your next party at home. I want to showcase how easy and fun it is to host a party and make cocktails at home.

I wish I could say we created this idea on an exotic island. Not quite. The idea came from Max showing and guiding me in mixing cocktails. Max and I would often have our friends over, and I always asked him to show me how to make a particular cocktail and tie the food pairings and the atmosphere together. I’ve learned to create memorable evenings for our friends through the years, and I want to help you make unforgettable memories with your guests in the comfort of your home. 

I'm Max Beal

CEO of Monsieur Cocktail. I started working as a professional Cocktail Bartender at the age of 19. Spanning over 18 years in France, London, and Melbourne, I have worked in some of the most awarded bars globally, mastering my craft of entertaining.

The fine art of entertaining was indulged in me by my family from a very young age. Growing up in France, raised on the idea that food brings people together later in life, I learned that you could apply the same theory by mixing drinks.

I decided to share my heritage with you to become a better host and make the best of those precious moments with friends. I made this possible through the VIP cocktail club, our new subscription box service, where I will let you in on all of my secrets on how to run the best parties in the comfort of your home.

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