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A multi-sensory guided tour of the Australian landscape, discover as Monsieur Cocktail illuminates our native bush tucker, capturing it’s nuances in his theatrical vision.

Following a decade mastering the art of balance in some of the world’s most exclusive bars, honing our craft alongside some of the most decorated bartenders in the business, we discovered our passion.

It there, we soon came to our philosophy that it was never simply a drink. People return to great bars because of the scents, the sounds and the atmospheres, a fumble of conversation, or an hour long debate. The process of creating these experiences is what fascinated us – and the idea of transporting those experiences is where the idea of Monsieur Cocktail was born.

Let us take you on a


A culmination of years of research and experimentation, at Monsieur Cocktail we created our – soon to be famed – cocktail degustation menu. This is your invitation to enter the world as guided through the intimate lens of our native landscape with an elegant and innovative approach.

A sojourn of five courses, seasonal native Australian produce is paired alongside ultra premium Australian spirits. In using such rare & unique produce, the journey is as vast as it wide. Combining tailored soundscapes, interactive elements & bespoke pairings, the beauty and debaucherous nature of the Monsieur Cocktail experience, is that it is tailored to you, in the comfort of your own home.


Knock Off

Victoria’s secret hops with hand-picked Australian Native ingredients


The Daintree

Fresh Australian Native fruits straight from the rainforest

“What can I say, a sensational experience to spend with friends and family. Overall the event was amazing and Max went the extra mile in his presentation.
Thank you again for allowing me to indulge in this experience, I will be sure to pass on your delightful services to friends in need.”

Mandy X. - Bid Coordinator, Melbourne

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