Melbourne's First multi-sensory

Mobile Cocktail Bar for all your events around Melbourne

All in one:Venue+Food+Cocktail party


Monsieur Cocktail is Melbourne's first multi-sensory cocktail degustation. We focus on delivering unique sensory experiences in the comfort of your home or in the office.
However it comes a time when you want to get out of the office and get your team together for something different...

This is where the ALL IN ONE EXPERIENCE become really practical for any of your events in terms of logistic, simply because we can organise it all for you. From the Venue, the food and of course your next unforgettable cocktail experience.

A stress free event for you and your guests sourced from one place.

The idea was born from a meeting between Pierrick Boyer, one of the best pastry chef in Australia and Max Beal the creative founder of Monsieur cocktail. Both realised their clients had the same problem, a hard time to organise multiple services for their event and it quickly became natural to help them by offering this unique all in one experience.