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Cocktail degustation à la carte

A la Carte - Degustation

The winter wonderland

Mandarin syrup infused with nutmeg and cinnamon, top up with French sparkling wine, served alongside a chocolate and orange edible garnish. This is a standing or seated cocktail experience, and we can cater to between 10 and 100 guests.

The winter wonderland Melbourne

La dolce vita

Celebrating 100 years anniversary of the most iconic Italian Aperitif, discover our perception of a Negroni: Aromatic, a hint of strawberry with a creamy mouthfeel, served alongside marshmallow and a hand fan. this is a seated cocktail experience, we can cater from 6 to 20 guests.

A life of heedless pleasure and luxury.

La dolce vita Melbourne

The endless summer

Discover our interpretation of the perfect beach moment: slightly fruity with a "sunny boy orange" feel to it. Served alongside popcorn and indoor sand, this is a seated cocktail experience where we can cater to between 6 and 20 guests.

Celebrating the endless Australian summer.

The endless summer Melbourne

The Collins Royale

Celebrating local and French products through a Royal sensory cocktail experience: Gin, lemon, sugar, sparkling wine, strawberry dust on the rim of the glass and a rose petal floating on the top. This cocktail experience is served along side an edible garnish paired with the cocktail: a mini meringue.

We will take you and your guests through a sensory journey. We'll be playing with all your senses: you will smell, listen, see, touch and of course taste your experience.

Each of your guests will be given this unique cocktail straight on arrival, at the same time a theatrical display of aromatised smoke will be display on trays for visual effect. A playlist of French music will be play in the background to create an atmosphere.

More than a drink, an experience. Be the Queen or the King for the time of a cocktail!

Royal in French Royale: having the status of a king or queen or a member of their family.

Package & pricing information

Each experience includes:

  • the rental of the premium glassware
  • 1 cocktail with premium products
  • 1 top up of the cocktail for each guest
  • An edible garnish paired with the cocktail
  • Theatrical display as aromatise smoke
  • Portable sounds system
  • Theatrical service in front of your guests

Why choosing an experience for your events?

We all know the importance of firsts impressions: Most people will judge you within the first few seconds of an event and this impression will stick by them for a long time.

We also know how important those events are for you and because you care about it, we do too! As a host we want you to have the best feedback on your events.

At Monsieur Cocktail we help you to connect with your guests at a sensory level through a cocktail experience, creating unforgettable memories, linking your guest's memories to your parties, YOU!

The Collins Royale

Theatrical effect

Theatrical effect

As part of the experience we will be vaporising infused aroma for smell and for visual effect.

The daily grind

A playlist of music or soundspace

To create the atmosphere, a playlist of classical Italian music will be played during the experience.

Theatrical service

Theatrical service

Included in your experience a team member will be going around for 1 round of top up for each guest. While "throwing" a cocktail in the air in an elegant manner for extra theatrical effect.