Monsieur Cocktail

Inspired by 15 years experience working with the best in the business, in some of the most exclusive cocktail bars in the world, creating extraordinary experiences Monsieur Cocktail has carefully crafted a series of unique, sensory cocktail experiences for your next magical event. 

Monsieur Cocktail is Australia's first sensory cocktail party service.

From coast to coast we explore and are inspired by iconic Australian references; using native Australian products and local spirits to evoke the true spirit of Australia. We combine soundscapes, scented moments, interactive elements and bespoke edible garnishes to entertain you and your guests at a true sensory level.

More Than A Drink - An Experience.

Our mission is to put a smile on your face and making sure your guests leave your events with an unforgettable memory of a life time to share with their close ones. From our services delivered in the comfort of your home to our new product and even virtual experiences with have a solution for all your needs.