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More than a drink, the Coast to Coast Cocktail Degustation menu is inspired by iconic experiences core to Australia’s identity. In fact, each cocktail is specifically inspired by Monsieur Cocktail’s experiences, observations and memories when he first arrived in Australia, from France and working across the world; each cocktail has a story behind it. 

A multi sensory cocktail experience to play with all your senses; you will smell, listen, touch, see and of course taste the experience.

Like a true degustation, your guests are seated and drinks are served in a specific order designed to maximise the sensory experience, as they journey through Australiana, from coast to coast.

This experience is highly customisable to fit your event objectives and budget, and you can select for your degustation to be 3 - 5 cocktails per person. Each artisanal cocktail is created using local spirits and native Australian ingredients. All cocktails are served seated at the table with our trademark theatrical and interactive elements and are accompanied by a unique edible garnish. A soundscape completes the experience, all delivered by Monsieur Cocktail, your personal French cocktail expert. 

The Practical Elements

We can tailor the Coast to Coast Cocktail Degustation around the needs of your event and this particular experience can be crafted for 4 to 20 people whether your event is an intimate party, team building activity, corporate event or birthday party - we cater for your needs. 

As a minimum we need 1.5 hours to deliver the experience, but if you’ve got more time, we can run the event for up to 3 hours with the 5 cocktail experience per person. We tailor to your needs, again depending on your event needs. 

We come to you, anywhere in Greater Melbourne.

As with all our face to face events, a non-alcoholic version is available. 

In the comfort of your home or in the office

The daily grind

Knock off

Using Victoria’s secret hand picked hops, blended with Australian native ingredients.

When I first arrived in Australia, one of my abiding memories was the after work and weekend BBQ’s. Immediately on arrival I found people everywhere who were open and friendly and extended me endless social invites. And even though my wife is Australian, it was those early moments when Aussies ‘knocked off’ and relaxed that made me feel this is the place I want to be - those moments in a backyard, dogs excited and barking, kids in the garden, sports on the radio, the barbie fired up and the conversation flowing.

Using Victoria’s secret hand picked hops, we blend these with Australian native ingredients to deliver you an elegant cocktail that pays homage to the wonderful Australian hospitality that happens in backyards all over the country.

The Daintree

The Daintree

The Daintree uses fresh Australian native fruits, straight from the rainforest. 

When I started Monsieur Cocktail, it was important that I create a series of memorable experiences and I put my mind to developing my cocktail menu, and it had to be special.

With my French heritage I started with the French classics but quickly thought ‘I’ve done that’. Besides, it didn’t suit this new vibrancy I was experiencing in Australia. Instead I referenced my time in London where I worked in some of the world’s most iconic bars, with some of the best in the business - and learnt modern molecular mixology skills.

Then one day I was out to brunch and I discovered a finger lime in my dish, the ‘Australian caviar’. That finger lime sent me on a journey, ordering native ingredients from all over the country, inspired by the magical and spiritual nature of The Daintree, the world’s oldest rainforest.

Bondi to Coogee

Bondi to Coogee

Grab an icy pole and head to the beach

An early memory in Australia was my wife and I walking from the iconic Bondi Beach to Coogee - and it was unforgettable!

It represented all the beach elements - and when you’re coming from France, this is exactly what you expect from Australia - waves, surf, peering into rock pools, walking, everyone sporty, feet in the sand, everyone at the pub, everyone happy.

I created the Bondi to Coogee cocktail to capture this memory and unique sunny nature of Australia, and Australians. It will take you back to when you were a child and you grabbed an icy pole and headed down to the beach - all accompanied by an edible garnish, soundscape and kinetic sand for you to play with.

The rum rebellion

The rum rebellion

The time when rum was a currency...

When I arrived in Australia, I knew a lot about the lifestyle, but not the history - but when I started to research Australian natives to mix in cocktails I went down a rabbit hole of Australian history which I realised was fascinating (and long, with the oldest continuous population and foods on earth) and I stumbled across the Rum Rebellion of 1808.

At this point in time rum was an important part of daily life in the colonies, drunk liberally and was an alternative to water (which wasn’t very clean or safe). Plus, money was in short supply and rum was used as a currency, and even convicts were part-paid in rum. However, rum was also in short supply - one of the triggers of the Rebellion. Fortunately rum flows freely now. Let’s celebrate together the new golden age of rum.

The daily grind

The Daily Grind

Melbourne’s favourite way to unwind!

Arriving in Melbourne I was astounded at how passionate Melbournians are about coffee and the variety of coffee drinks; from a Magic through to a flat white, I had the best coffee in my life.  So The Daily Grind, my interpretation of the Espresso Martini, was inevitable as it is the nation’s favourite cocktail.

In paying homage to Melbourne’s favourite way to unwind, I source beans from one of Melbourne’s best artisan roasters. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this drink, it requires quality ingredients and perfect execution to pull off something that is fun, exciting and all about Melbourne.  

As the last cocktail of the degustation, celebrating everything that makes Australia so special, it needs a big finale - like fireworks, all in a cocktail friendly environment of course.

Theatrical service

Theatrical service

We will be throwing some of the cocktails in an elegant manner for extra theatrical effect.

The daily grind

A playlist of music or soundspace

To create the atmosphere a playlist of music will be played during the experience.

Theatrical effect

Theatrical effect

As part of the experience we will be vaporising infused aroma for smell and for visual effect.